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Clean Code

Here comes a better version of the ScaleFactor script slighty changed to make it more userfriendly, and with some error checking.

You might find a online help for VBscript on the Microsoft site. Further there is a RhinoScript help file in the plugins folder, that you can open by the Rhino Menue: Help > PlugIns > RhinoScript. It contains sample code for each RhinoScript method (thanks Dale Fugier!)


Sub ScaleFactor()

'// VBscript to calculate a Scaling Factor (Rhino V3 SR3)
'// 02.10.2003 © Jess Märtterer - www.rhino3.de

' Initialize Variables
Dim arrPoints, dblDistance
Dim currLocale, dblNewDistance, dblScale

' Input of two points
arrPoints = Rhino.GetPoints (true, false, "First Point", "Second Point", 2)

' if picking points was success
If IsArray(arrPoints) Then

    ' Calculate the distance between the points
    dblDistance = Rhino.Distance(arrPoints(0), arrPoints(1))

    ' Go on if distance is not Null
    If Not IsNull(dblDistance) Then

        ' Enter new desired Distance
        dblNewDistance = Rhino.GetReal("Enter New Distance", dblDistance)

	    ' Weiter wenn Soll-Wert ein gültiger Wert ist UND ungleich IST-Wert
        If Not IsNull(dblNewDistance) And dblNewDistance <> dblDistance Then

		   ' Get the regional setting and store it in currLocale
		   ' set the regional setting to EN-US
		   currLocale = SetLocale ("en-us")

		   ' calculate the scale factor
		   dblScale = dblNewDistance / dblDistance

		   ' evoke the native Rhino command with the calculated scale value
		   Rhino.Command "_Scale2D _Pause _Copy=No _Pause " & CStr(dblScale)

		   ' Set back the regional settings
		   SetLocale currLocale

		End If

	End If

End If

End Sub

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