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ImproveSurface (Rhino V2.0 SR 3)

The ImproveSrf workspace includes VBscripts to reconstruct a surface, randomize a surface and create an random surface between two surfaces.
Download (4kb)



Changes a surface by moving its control points random distances.
Parameters: Maximum movement: Set the maximum movement for each direction (xyz) relative to the active CPlane.

How to create an offset with the same uv control point count? Duplicate the surface, turn its control points on, select the points to offset, start the MoveUVN command, enter the distance (scale) and pull the N-slider.


Creates a random surface between two surfaces. These two surfaces need to have the same control point structure (uv count). With this function you can constrain the random control point movement along the surface normals by creating a control point offset of a suface. Or you can limit the random movement to a certain area of the surface.

Creates a new surface with exactly the same control point structure as the input surface. This script completely reparameterize any surface by creating a new surface. For example after InsertKnot this function can help to get back to a relaxed surface. The shape might be changed slightly by reconstructing a surface.

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