How to avoid cutting air and minimize cutting time with Roland Modela Player (V3.6)

ModelaPlayer creates the cutting paths in a very specific way, and doesn't offer much control. So you have to prepare your part in Rhino to take advantage of these specivic "features".



Tool Path Direction

It depends on the shape which draft path direction will be the fastest. For example a few but deep "valleys" are faster in contouring mode. If the material isn't too hard (i.e. the fine cut not critical) then you don't need to check the "contoured"-option.



If you cut the draft with contouring then you should orient your part in a way, that grooves or nuts are along the scan line.

Watch how the machine will cut the draft path in VirtualModela to see how often it will interrupt per level.



Customized Parameter
Ok, here you have to check out the limits yourself with the tools and material you use.
Specially the Z-Speed should be maxed out!
Use tools that cut at the top for the draft and the first fine cut.



Option Abstract OFF

ModelaPlayer offers these options to cut beveled perimeter around the object. Turn this thing OFF ! It really takes way too long.



If you have "abstract" turned off you should model a thiny frame around your object, but make sure that the tool has enough space to cut all around.

BTW: ModelaPlayer does not need closed or joined meshes. It simply scannes the geometry and where it hits a polygon there will be material beneath in z-direction.





Place this frame on the top Z of your objects bounding box.

The material that you put into the machine doesn't have to be in that size. All you need is the material for the torus in this case. But you have to take care, that it is at the proper position!



Consider the "offset" for the frame, when you put the material on the table and in Options > Layout.

Ofcourse you can also fill these areas with material that don't has to be cutted. But keep in mind, that you leave enough space for the tool!



Option > Layout

Set the Margin (Rand) to 0 in the Layout. If possible move the part a little off the max border.



Virtual Modela

The preview shows a brown and green border. It means, that this material remains untouched by the tool. Don't be irritated by the toolpaths shown in Modela Player. Only the surfaces colored blue in VirtualPlayer are really cutted.

Now ModelaPlayer is cutting each Z-level in one go. If you don't model the frame around your part, then the tool starts from top Z in each row — and this might be called a bug.

Happy Cutting!


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